– “Excellent teaching, Divine Impartation”

Gladstan Montessori Diction/Phonics consult is thrilled to have the chance to submit a proposal that will help your school raise her standard. In the accompanying proposal, we have outlined how your school can move to a better standard in terms of spelling, reading, speaking in the right diction as well as etiquette.

With our years of experience, we are known for our expertise, which is your freedom.


We are committed to meeting highest ethical standards, services and quality at all times.

To cultivate a study and library friendly habit which is lacking amongst Nigerian children today.

To ensure learners can spell English words correctly from the nursery to university level.

To ensure learners are able to express themselves in standard English which is the hallmark of a good education.

Gladstan Montessori Diction/Phonics is a consult firm, with over 15 years of experience in the education system. The company has a team of competent and well trained educators who are committed to teaching the packaged programme of phonics/Diction and etiquette.

As contract educators, we have stipulated days and time that we teach.
The company makes use of teaching materials like audio visual, colourful charts, flash cards, text books and scripts which is fun and educating for learners.

The abovenamed company and her team goes to different schools that have contracted the company to render the services of teaching the packaged programme of phonics, Diction and Etiquette from nursery level to primary or secondary level as agreed upon. Teaching begins at the morning assembly with assembly drills.

In addition, we organize spelling Bee/Reading competition for learners.
Seminar for educators, tour for learners (local and International) and school management.We also anchor school parties.